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Brain Davis is the smartest kid in his school, if not the world.  Everybody knows it.

Especially his best mate, Ted Dimple, who has to listen to Brain spouting facts and figures 24/7 when he would much rather be chasing the girl of his dreams, Harriet Spittle.

Naturally, Brain is the first one picked when Daramour Primary is invited to send a team of three students to appear on Quizzical, the popular general knowledge TV quiz show. The only problem is, they'll be up against the prestigious Daramour Grammar, a school that has never been beaten - at anything. Brain can hardly wait.

But then strange things start to happen, and the first to be targeted is Mischief, Brain's beloved dog. It's as if someone is trying to stop Brain competing ....



Money Bags

Everyone knows that Brain Davis is the smartest kid at school, but he certainly isn’t the luckiest.

After an attack of the hiccups leaves him speechless during his appearance on Quizzical, Brain must bite his tongue and let his best mate, Ted Dimple, take the spotlight on Money Bags, the richest game show on earth.

But even Brain’s expert coaching cannot inspire confidence in Ted, and soon enough, it seems as though the evil plans of Prescott Heath may once again succeed …




Puzzle Palace

Brain Davis is one of five lucky winners of the Puzzle Palace competition. The prize? To be the first kids to enter Puzzle Palace, part theme park, part brainteaser.  Brain will be challenged as never before.And even if he and the other four winners solve the puzzles and make it all the way through, something awaits them at the very end, something they will never suspect ...



A Classic Christmas Treasury

this beautiful treasury of Christmas carols, songs, rhymes and stories is a special keepsake to be enjoyed and shared with loved ones for many years to come.




Alby and the Cat

The cat at 28 Popple Court is not impressed. There’s a new four-legged neighbour at Number 26, and he is not feline. Slowly, the two foes become friends, as the cat risks one of his nine lives to save the day....





Alby and the Cat - Show Business

Alby the guide dog is getting used to the cat next door.  It saved his life, after all.  Alby was almost fond of it.  Then, suddenly, the cat disappears.  Days pass and still there is no sign of it.  Alby is worried.  Where could it be?  It's not until Jim, his blind master, takes Alby to the Morvale Show that things take an unexpected turn.



Alby and the Cat - All Holed Up

Alby comes face to face with the dreadful small human from his past.  But this time Alby holds all the cards.  Faced with a terrible dilemma, he must listen to either his fear or his training.  Will he make the right choice?  Or will the cat talk him into something he will regret forever?
























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